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Friday, June 8

First Major Problem

I found out yesterday there are no limes in Australia. I knew there were going to be differences in food, but I don't know how I will go without a margarita for five whole months!! This could turn out to be a major problem. You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. I love margaritas. I don't drink much but that is one thing I cannot live without. Hopefully they at least sell mix! This also makes me concerned about going without Mexican food, which I'm starting to realize they probably don't have either. If I don't have refried beans for five months, my body may go into shock and completely shut down. This trip might be tougher than I think ;)


Liney said...

No limes? No wonder. An Australian friend of mine visited a few months ago, and had never had a margarita. I thought it was just 'cause he was a guy and stuck to "man" drinks - but apparently there was a deeper reason. I sympathize.

Liney said...

So I spoke with an Australian friend who writes: "no, not true at all, we definately have limes. citrus grow really well there :) who's been spreading these viscious rumours? thats crazy talk..."

Sarah B said...

thank goodness!!!!! i feel so much better now :)

Anonymous said...

just take the mix with you - Carol Swoboda -