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Friday, December 14

What are you made of?

Brad Pitt asked me this question this morning in the Sydney airport. Well, he asked me it through an advertisement for cologne but I know he was talking directly to me, haha. The last few months I have figured out what I'm made of.

I went to dinner last night with my friends at a pub across from IH and then I said good-bye to everyone this morning. On the way to the airport, I think the taxi driver was a little concerned for my mental health because I couldn't stop crying. I won't lie- it was really, really hard to leave Sydney. I feel like I was just starting to get comfortable there and I made some really great friendships. But it was such a big mix of emotions because I am so excited to be home. I cried all the way through customs until I saw several other study abroad kids crying when I knew I needed to pull it together.

The last several months have been such an emotional roller coaster. I feel like I have grown up so much and learned so much about myself and other people. The future is pretty exciting- I have 3 interviews tomorrow for internships with the government (Treasury and OPIC), and I have 2 more lined up next week. I also got an offer yesterday from a friend for an all expenses paid trip to Ecuador next spring (pretty amazing, huh?) I plan to graduate next fall and then hopefully get a full time job in trade policy with the federal government. I'm also planning to take the foreign service exam next spring because I think I'd really like to be a diplomat (on the economic track) in the future. Who knows, I'd also love the chance to live in Sydney for a few years sometime in the future.

I hope that you have enjoyed this journey with me! That's all folks :)

Thursday, December 13

Last Day in Sydney

Photos from my last day in Sydney- I cannot believe I am all packed and ready to leave tomorrow. It's a mixed bag of emotions- I'm so excited to come home to see my friends and family but I am so upset to be leaving here. Today it took me forever to get all my errands done. Then I went down to the Harbour this afternoon to take it all in one last time. Tonight we got dinner and just enjoyed the skyline one last time...

View of the Sydney skyline from the IH roof

View from Victoria Park

Friends out at the Rose Hotel

Me and a Aborigine performer down at Circular Quay- awesome music

It took about 8 tries to get this! :)

I present to you the Opera House!

Tuesday, December 11

Sarah sees more of Sydney

Today I went to see more places. Started out a 8 am on the bus to Palm beach. Then we wandered to Chatswood (nice suburb), the Sydney Tower in the CBD and all the Christmas decorations!

I freakin' love this country even in the rain (I'm jumping even though it looks like I'm sitting down...)

Palm Beach

Christmas decorations in the CBD

View from the Sydney Tower... we didn't get a very good sunset because of the rain...

The green part in the middle is Victoria Park which is right across the street from where I live

Since we didn't have a good sunset, I made up for it by taking ridiculous photos in the souvenir shop!! (that's a outback hat and boomerang)

Self-explanatatory :)

The store David Jones has the entire Nutcracker story in the store windows- it played music and the puppets were moving!

Sarah sees New South Wales

Photos from my road trip through the state New South Wales with one of my Australian classmates.

View of the Pacific from Bald Hill

Kangaroo Valley

Flies on my back- they were swarming me!!!

Fitzroy Falls

Baby Market (presumably where you can buy babies ;) ) Next to an Adult Store. ONLY IN SYDNEY!!!

Sunday, December 9

Sarah Goes Across the Harbour Bridge

My weekend in doing all those touristy things I should have been doing over the semester. It's been pouring all week but luckily we got a nice morning before the rain started up again to walk across the Harbour Bridge! (finally! this is normally one of the first things people do here, haha)

Guess you can tell by now this is the Opera House...

CBD (Central Business District = downtown Sydney)

From the top of the pylon- can you see the people walking on top of the bridge?

I love this city!!!!

Yay! We made it across what my internship supervisor called "Guantanamo Bay"- see all the fences and security cameras? I also think we saw at least 4 security guards in 30 minutes.

Sarah Goes Kayaking

We went kayaking for the afternoon in the Middle Harbour, near the Spit Bridge.

I'm getting good at these self-portraits!

Can you tell I was really into it? ;) It took us about an hour to go like 100 yards because my arms are so week and uncoordinated, hahaha

We rowed over to a beach on the other side and decided the water was so nice just to go swimming in our clothes. Hey, I'm not gonna come back for a long time! ;)

Me soaking wet and freezing cold- maybe the whole swimming in my clothes wasn't the best idea I've ever come up with. Let's just say it was a long bus ride home! :)

Sarah Goes to Manly Beach and North Head

Last weekend my friend and I took the ferry from Circular Quay across the Harbour to Manly Beach and North Head.

Me on the ferry- it was a windy day!

At Shelly Beach- a huge lizard! I'm starting to develop an obsession with these reptiles

Took the bus up to North Head where you can see the Sydney skyline in the background- so pretty!

Pacific Ocean - you can almost see the US on the other side! ;)

What it looked like below if I fell off the cliff

Fun day!