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Wednesday, December 5

Sarah Meet World, World Meet Sarah

I just got back from wandering around Canberra for about 2 hours. I went and saw all the embassies- so cool! I have never visited a US embassy before, but thought I should find it in case of an international incident or something. :P It was fun to see how all the embassies are built in the architecture of the country. The US is red brick, of course, sitting up and nice and imposing on a hill. I'm sure we wouldn't have it any other way.

Today was so much fun! I am so glad I'm doing this internship. It's been a little stressful at times but I think that's because of my cultural misunderstandings than anything else. But we had a really fun, 3-hour long lunch/ Christmas party at the National Press Club. Wine, steak, dessert all included! Andrew got me a really cute kangaroo for the gift exchange. Then we went over to a meeting at DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade = similar to the US State Dept) about IP in Australia's free trade negotiations. I really don't think I was supposed to be there but it was really cool. Andrew said he checked that it was okay to bring an intern- didn't really mention that I'm a US spy or anything, hahaha. So it was funny to hear them talk about the US position on things. I like being a fly on the wall. And since I look like everyone, they don't know I'm not AUstralian until I start talking. Although I did notice yesterday that I was losing my voice a bit because I'm sick and a bunch of people (Even australians) thought I was from here. Now I finally know how to do the accent!

I think tonight I'll just relax and watch tv. I met a really nice girl from Geelong last night watching trashy shows. I was introduced to "Gossip Girl" and other shows I've missed premiere in the last few months. Only a week left to go in this wonderful country- I have a LONG to do list!!!!!

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