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Monday, December 3

Survey- what to do for my last night Down Under?

I am in the hostel for Round #4 of my internship. It's going really well- I had a great meeting with reps from Austrade (trade promotion) today. So nice and helpful! It's raining outside and I just finished a huge pasta and chocolate cake dinner because I am really sick and feel like I deserve it, hahaha. I lost a ton of weight this semester (through starvation- I knew the horrible IH food was good for something!), and I'm determined to keep it off so that will be the last time I gorge myself! Ugh don't feel so good now... :P

So I'm trying to decide what to do for my last night in Sydney! I still need to walk across the Harbour Bridge and hopefully my friend is going to take my kayaking this weekend. I can't decide what to do though- go to the beach, go dancing in Darling Harbour (won't be the same without Kerry and Saeed!) or just wander around the CBD. Hmm... I know I will be back to Sydney so it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever but I want my last night to be a memorable one. Got any suggestions?

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SP said...

Skip the dancing and stick with outdoor activities. It's winter in the US and enjoying the outdoors is not an option here. Try the Bridge and the beach.