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Tuesday, December 11

Sarah sees more of Sydney

Today I went to see more places. Started out a 8 am on the bus to Palm beach. Then we wandered to Chatswood (nice suburb), the Sydney Tower in the CBD and all the Christmas decorations!

I freakin' love this country even in the rain (I'm jumping even though it looks like I'm sitting down...)

Palm Beach

Christmas decorations in the CBD

View from the Sydney Tower... we didn't get a very good sunset because of the rain...

The green part in the middle is Victoria Park which is right across the street from where I live

Since we didn't have a good sunset, I made up for it by taking ridiculous photos in the souvenir shop!! (that's a outback hat and boomerang)

Self-explanatatory :)

The store David Jones has the entire Nutcracker story in the store windows- it played music and the puppets were moving!

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