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Monday, June 4

Qantas: Most Amazing Airline Ever

I was poking around this morning to see what luggage I can bring on my flight to Sydney, and I came across all the amenities Qantas offers:

In Flight Cuisine
Be tempted by our inviting menu. Choose from our complimentary dishes such as Chicken Provencal with Pesto Risoni or Japanese Soy Beef served with fresh garden salad. There's also cheese and crackers, and an ice cream to enjoy with your movie. Plus, on most flights you'll be able to enjoy warm bread rolls fresh from the oven.

60 Movies
200 TV programs, including destination guides
20 Q Radio Channels
150 CDs
Moving Map
10 Games

It's 5 hours from Dulles to LAX and 14 hours from LAX to Sydney. That means I could watch up to 7 movies and eat almost a gallon of ice cream. I may never want to get off the plane!


Sarah N said...

She hasn't even left yet and look at the excitement this trip is offering ;-)

Alex said...

lol! :-)