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Sunday, October 14

Birthdays, iBall and Mike Tosh!

The last week has consisted of birthday parties, studying, the International House ball, studying, and visiting with Mike Tosh (from NGC)! We went to a really nice Japanese restaurant for Kerry's birthday last weekend. Then we had the International House ball on Friday. Originally I wasn't going to go, but I found out I won't be able to go to our going away candlelight dinner so I thought I should go to this instead. It was really nice- it was in a restaurant at the Botanical Gardens, pretty amazing. They greeted us with champagne when we came in (classy) and gave us a really awesome dinner. Then yesterday I saw Mike Tosh! He's been around Australia for work. It was really nice to visit with him- we walked around The Rocks (historical district) and the CBD and had a really nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Today it is back to studying! One month until finals!! Yikes.

Me and Kerry at her birthday party

Harbour Bridge from the Botanical Gardens- started to rain right after I took this photo!

Walking to the restaurant

Me, Heidi (from Germany) and Melinda (from Long Island- she's going with me to Malaysia)

Our table- so pretty!

Me and Steph (from Boston)

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