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Tuesday, October 23

Semester is winding down

Well, this is the last week of classes! Wow, it is flying by fast. This weekend I am off to New Zealand for 6 days. My finals are all on November 14 and 16 so I have already started studying but I should have plenty of time to get everything in :)

This weekend was basically just birthday parties! Saturday night was Saeed's birthday. We went to a nice Italian restaurant down at the Rocks with almost 25 people and then we went out dancing in Darling Harbour. Sunday night we went to dinner at Bondi Beach for Heidi's birthday. These photos don't show any of Sydney but you can see some of my friends here!

Me and Kerry (surprise- can you tell we hang out a lot? :)

Me and Melinda (she's travelling with me to Malaysia)

Me and Lindsay- we started running together this week. This photo was taken right after we found out we had the same drill team instructor in Texas!

Melinda, Jamie (from Australia), Kerry and Me

Saeed's birthday cake- these sparklers must be an Australian thing because they did it the next night at Heidi's birthday

Not everyone but this is part of the gang from the International House- basically a smattering of Americans, Canadians, Australians, Iranians and Japanese

Pretty night in Darling Harbour

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SP said...

Great pictures. Good luck on finals. Have fun in NZ.