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Tuesday, October 2

Semester Break Adventures! Canberra, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

The following photos are a compilation of the last 9 days! My trip was absolutely unbelievable, almost indescribable. In a week, I interviewed the advisor to the Shadow Minister of Defence, ate kangaroo & emu, drove on the other side of the road in the pouring rain on the edge of a cliff, saw koalas in the wild... it's been quite an adventure!


Floriade- annual spring flower show in Canberra

Salvation Army was selling these hilarious nomes

New and Old Parliament Buildings

Australia's National War Memorial

Canberra Youth Hostel where I stay during my visits

On the bus ride from Canberra to Melbourne- trying to snap photos as we are whisked through the Australian countryside


Me really excited to be in Melbourne after a 9 hour train ride! (my eyes are red from the flash, not from drugs or crying ;)

Me really, really excited to find a 'proper' salad in Australia (most of the time there are hardly any leaves and it's just all meat)

Parade and Rally for the AFL (rugby) Finals

Me after lunch at Nando's outside Federation Square- this was about 5 minutes of sunshine for the whole day

Royal Botanical Gardens

Drinking tea in the Royal Botanical Gardens- cheesy, I know but I felt it had to be done

Sign says "Tourist Precinct"- I guess we are quarantined?

Taken just for Mom!

View of Melbourne from the Rialto Tower

This hot chocolate was as thick as pudding!!!

Taken just for Sarah N!

Sign says "Animal Blessing... bring your own pet"!

Itty bitty Me outside my new home- the Royal Exhibition Building! Hey, I can dream, right? ;)

Close up of the fountain on my new porch, haha
Casting of an ancient armadillo in the Melbourne Museum- and you thought they were big and ugly in Texas?
Lifesize Australian spider- just kidding!

I'm obsessed with the public bathrooms! These are on almost every block

Not really sure why they have office hours??

Me eating KANGAROO!!! For a girl that doesn't eat much meat, this was quite an experience

Me trying to be artistic in the Fitzroy Gardens

Captain Cook's cottage ("discovered" Australia) which was originally in Yorkshire, England but they felt it necessary to box up the bricks and send it over to Australia in the late 1800s

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
Driving on the other side of the road, in the pouring rain, on the edge of a cliff- these signs were useful!

Me at the Twelve Apostles- it was sooo windy the camera almost blew away! We found out later that it was probably about 100k an hour winds

Wind calmed down just a bit

The rain stopped just for a bit

Sun! But still strong winds...

KOALA! In the wild...

Driving through the Otway National Park

On the way back to Melbourne

Gorgeous lighthouse

Apparently I have to go back to Sydney since they won't let me sleep in the car!


Anonymous said...

ok. i gave in and bought you a xmas present even tho you ate a kangaroo. i couldn't help myself. it's so fitting.

Anonymous said...

the gardens and that lighthouse pic are sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

ps. that one was written by tracy :)