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Thursday, November 8

Canberra and my internship- Round 3

So this week is my third trip to Canberra for my internship and it went so much better than the last 2 visits! I'm feeling much more comfortable here, and we finally narrowed down what I'm working on. I've been kind of wandering aimlessly and was concerned that what I was doing wasn't adding any value to the organisation. But it sounds like I'm on the right path so I feel a lot better. I'll be coming back in a month for a week to interview some more people and wrap things up!

One of the really cool things about the organisation is they have a lot of government contacts. So today I got to go to the debate between the environmental ministers! Election here is in 2 weeks and climate change is a pretty heated topic. The debate was at the fancy National Press Club and was televised although I doubt it will show up anywhere in the US :) It was really interesting though. Unfortunately I think everyone thinks I'm an idiot because I don't understand all the intricacies of the political system and ask the dumbest questions. They also always ask me for my opinion and it basically ends up being "they were really good public speakers" because I don't know enough about the topics to make an opinion. And actually, any opinion I have ends up sounding terrible so I'm trying to keep my mouth shut! :) But all in all, it has been really great to get exposed to all these different facets of the government and country.

Next week I am taking my finals (ah!) and then I'm done for the semester!!

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