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Tuesday, November 27

Penang > Singapore > Melaka, Malaysia > Kuala Lumpur

I think this has been the fastest paced trip I have ever done. We knew it would be ambitious seeing half of Malaysia and part of Singapore in 9 days but I didn't realize how exhausting this would be!! Oh well, we are on our last day in KL and are heading back to Sydney on the red eye tonight. We have done too much to list it all so here are some of the highlights!

Saturday/Sunday- flew from Penang to Singapore on Singapore Airlines. Is it bad that one of my favorite parts of Singapore was the airline flight? Haha. It was a really nice flight. We wandered around the city, did the Night Safari at the zoo (highly recommended if you ever go to Singapore!), did some shopping, hit some museums and then took a bus back to Malaysia Sunday night. Daniel met us at the Melaka bus station.

Monday- wandered around Melaka looking at all the colonial buildings, old fort, temples and mosques. Apparently I am also a tourist attraction! I had some Malaysians (very sweet) ask if they could take a picture with me. I found this bizzare but Daniel didn't think it was weird. Melinda also pointed out that all the old Chinese men were staring at me in Singapore. I think it's just the blonde hair :) Then we took the bus to KL! Got some naan and teh tarik

Tuesday- Got up around 7 am, showered (with lizards) and are heading to the Petronus Towers before shopping! We are taking the red eye back to Sydney tonight.

Pictures will be posted soon!

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