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Wednesday, November 28

Sarah's Intro to Asia: Malaysia and Singapore Fun!!!

Here are some selected photos from my trip to Malaysia and Singapore. In 9 days, we visited Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cameron Highlands, Georgetown, Langkawi, Singapore and Melaka. It was an amazing trip! Melinda and I took about 1100 photos combined- on No. 900 Daniel started questioning what he was thinking going to Asia with two girls!

I was sooo excited!!!! At the Sydney airport

Cool fountain in Kuala Lumpur- me and Daniel (he's lived in Singapore and Brunei and was our personal tour guide- I don't think we would have survived without him!)

Merdeka Square

Tallest flagpole in the world- I am the little pink dot at the bottom of the pole

At the KL Butterfly Park

Peacocks at the KL Bird Park- we were lucky to be there during mating season so we saw about 10 male peacocks struttin' their stuff! It was really amazing.. that's me behind the bird!

Nightime in KL

View from our room in Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands

Day trip to the tea plantations

Daniel, Melinda and Me

View of the valley from a lookout point- it was amazing being above the clouds!

Trekking in the Mossy Forest- a few weeks ago they found an entire tiger family in the highlands which is very rare

Enjoying some afternoon tea at Boh Tea Centre

Beautiful butterfly at Butterfly Farm #2

Hibiscus flowers

Canopy walk on Penang Hill- don't look down!!!

View of Georgetown from Penang Hill

I think I would have made at excellent soldier! At Fort Cornwallis in Georgetown

Riding on the back of Lasah the elephant in Langkawi. It was so awesome!

Feeding Lasah- can I take him home??

We ran across this cute little guy on the side of the road and I got to feed him!

On the ferry going back from Langkawi to Penang

Sunset over the Straights of Malacca- I think this is my favorite photo from the trip

Melinda and I went to Singapore without Daniel. Will we survive??

We caved and ate Western food!!! Sorry Daniel!

Little India in Singapore- we stayed right down the street

At the Singapore Night Safari (don't worry- the crocodile is fake ;)

So much fun!

Back in Malaysia- in Melaka

Apparently I became the tourist attraction...

At the replica of the Sultan's Palace

Petronas Towers- I am the jolly green giant! :)

Passes for walking across the skybridge

Good bye Malaysia- hello Sydney! Taken at 6:30 am this morning outside the airport. We survived! Malaysia, I will back one day! :)


Anonymous said...

You do love those airplanes! Remember how excited you were when you found out how much food they would be offering and how many movies would be playing on your original flight in July? You were hilarious! - your old cubbie, dlm

Anonymous said...


There are awesome pictures. Maybe you should change your studies to photography!