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Wednesday, September 26

Day 3 Canberrian Adventure

My internship work is wrapped up for the week and I'm getting ready to go to Melbourne tomorrow! Last night was *very* entertaining here in the hostel. I was suprised that most people went to sleep pretty early. But there was a guy somewhere on the other side of the room that kept making all these grunting and moaning noises, kind of like when someone breaks their leg. It was so bizarre. Some people got up really early this morning around 5:45 am. I'm not really sure why since I thought everyone here was on holiday but apparently not.

I met with another guy at Australia's Stratetic Policy Insitute this morning. The guys in the office took me out to lunch and told me all about their protesting when they were in university during the Vietnam War. I am starting to get the impression that Australian students are much more into protesting than Americans are but I could be misinformed.

Tonight I am going to do some more work before getting on the train tomorrow! I wanted to upload photos but it looks like this computer in the internet cafe has a virus so I will wait on putting my memory stick into a computer I know is safe!

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Can't wait to see Canberrian Photo's - Carol Swoboda -