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Thursday, September 13

English > Spanish > Persian

I decided that I'm horrible at Spanish and am just going to move on to Persian :) Today I learned how to have a whole conversation with myself:

"Salam. Esmam Sarah e. Chetori? Khoobi? Man khoobam. Chetori? Merci."

Translation? "Hi. My name is Sarah. How are you? Are you well? I am fine. How are you?Thanks."

I really hope that all of the random knowledge I am learning here will be useful one day. I imagine myself negotiating with Iran and impressing everyone in the room with my ability to speak to myself :) With a simple sentence maybe I can make our two countries friends. I can dream right?

As you can tell, I'm avoiding my studies. I think I was having too much fun for the last few weeks and now I'm paying for it! This weekend is a bunch of birthday parties but probably not much else. I have a bunch of term papers I have to work on. Hopefully the weather will be nice so maybe I can study up in the roof garden.


Anonymous said...

Greeetings Sarah!
Cute post! You were excellent at Spanish... what are you talking about?
Be well,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that you still have your sense of humor.