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Monday, September 10

Police State

Here are some photos that I took around the CBD (central business district) and Hyde Park for the APEC protests...

They created a wall of police and fences around the CBD

I think there were probably 5 police for every protestor. We asked these guys for directions- they were pretty nice. And when I say we, I mean we made our Norwegian friend ask for directions so no one would hear our American accents. We talked to some Aussies later and learned that we really had nothing to be worried about because it was anit-Bush, not an anti-US protest, but you never know sometimes...

I counted at least 10-15 of these useful and multi-function buses that could transport for police and protestors.

They were rapping about democracy and then through on a dance song about uranium. Very bizzare...

Trying to stay out of the way as someone got arrested. Kerry thought it was a great idea to get right in the middle of this crowd though (she is a budding journalist). I think there were more people from the media than actually protesting

People running to the wall of police to see another person get arrested. Apparently a streaker also was arrested earlier Saturday morning.

You can't see in this photo too well but they brought out the dogs
Riot police. There is a massive outbreak of equine flu in Australia, otherwise some of these guys would have been on horseback

I think every single police officer in the state of New South Wales was working on Saturday

They covered all the rubbish bins in case of bombs

We saw a group of delegates walking through the fences

This must have cost a good portion of the $170M spent on security on these fences-- they put a fence around all of Circular Quay

You can't see in this photo but there were snipers on the top peak of the Opera House and that is a police boat in front

Three helicopters flying over and around the Harbour Bridge. We think someone important must have been driving across

My impressions? I am so glad that I got to see all of this! What a unique experience. Overall I think all the security was worth it because nothing happened. Better to be overprepared than under. But I can see why Sydneysiders are very upset at the image of their city portrayed that was to the world this past weekend.

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