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Monday, August 13

Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park

I was so excited to see a kangaroo up close!

Me excited and also a bit terrified. They don't look as cute up close with those huge claws!
Me praying he won't hop away!
I was sooo excited about the penguins! They are so cute- only about 6-8 inches tall.Yes, it was August 12 and about 75 degrees outside but the poor Australian kids deprived of snow think that shaved ice is just as fun!
Beautiful Blue Mountains- they look blue from the distance due to water evaporating from the eucalyptus leaves

Hiking into the valley

Kerry and I weren't matching on purpose, I swear!
There are houses in the area that have this view...

Saeed, Kery, Melinda, Me and Paige



SP said...

What the heck is an 'Enchinda' and why is it called a Puggle? Keep the pics coming.

Anonymous said...

Sarah - looks like you are having a wonderful time at Featherdale Wildlife Park - Carol S.