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Wednesday, August 15

Last Photos from the Blue Mountains...

I finally got the last photos from Saeed- he took some of the funniest pictures so I hope you enjoy!

Kerry and I trying to be penguins... I want to take one home with me!

Saeed making a pretty scary face...

Wildlife and I just don't mix- these birds were a lot scarier than they look in this photo. They were flying around our heads making all sorts of noises. I should just stick to the city

Our tour guide that looked a little like Adam Sandler

Saeed is such a ladies man

Hard to read but the sign says "Seat for Bored Husbands"

Our water and my milkshake

Paige (U of Miami) and me

Best lunch ever- vegetables with melted cheese and salad, yum yum :)

Trying not to fall off the mountain

Windy day

Enjoying the view

Aren't we so cute? :)

Caught me with my glasses on!

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