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Tuesday, August 21

Stargazing at the International House Cabin

Saturday afternoon they took a bus to stargazing at the International House cabin. We didn't see too many stars because it was overcast, but it was still a lot of fun. We roasted marshmallows! They taste really different here- chalkier. And there are no graham crackers for s'mores. Then about 10 of us actually spent the night in the log cabin, which was a blast. We went searching for kangaroos and actually found a dead and live wombat instead. Pretty awesome :) I hope we can go back there again when the weather warms up!

Around the fire...

Kerry, me and Saeed (can you tell we hang out a lot?)

I wish Saeed was smiling!
IH Cabin and van... they actually will let us borrow the van for trips on the weekend!

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Ballet Austin said...

How fun! Did I tell you how a group of us went and watched a meteor shower not too long ago? It was great :)