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Friday, August 3


I'm really excited because I finally found a good class to take! I decided econometrics was too easy (and boring) so I'm switching that to international public management. Not something that sounds like the most interesting topic, I know, but the professor is amazing! I've been kind of disappointed with my other classes so far (just not as interesting as I thought they would be) so I'm really excited about this one. And better yet, it is full of grad students who are interested in public policy! Yay! My kind of people :) It has been incredibly difficult to change my classes with the university- I have to get every change approved by 3 different departments and it looks like they lost my form in the mail. Oh well, hopefully that will get straightened out!

It is raining today and tomorrow so I will probably just stay in and do some reading. I am finally on Harry Potter #7 (after re-reading #6) and I have a lot of reading and a quiz. A lot of the other grad students here are just starting their studies so they are going through the transition of handling the postgrad workload. I'm really glad I've been in school for almost a year and a half now so I'm used to the work. Everyone else is pretty overwhelmed but after reading a book a week last semester, my classes now feel like a piece of cake! (maybe I won't be saying this a month from now:) I'm glad to finally feel like I'm settled in here. I really like my roomate a lot. I have never had a good roomate so I was a little worried, but she is wonderful! I also am busy planning my trips for the semester break. I have 10 days that I think I'm going to split between Melbourne and Adelaide. There are some companies I'd like to meet with in Melbourne for my internship, and then I think some of the other girls here in the Int'l House might also be there during part of the week. I'm also planning to visit my friend Lisa Chang in New Zealand for a few days before finals start! Then hopefully I will be able to go to the outback over a long weekend during the semester and eventually go up to Cairns after classes are over.

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Ballet Austin said...

I'm so glad things are going well. I can't wait until you see a kangaroo!!!