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Tuesday, July 31

Bondi Beach

I'd been feeling off the last few days so I took the afternoon and headed over to Bondi Beach. Didn't get as much reading done as I hoped because it was cold and windy, but it was really nice to walk around... This morning a girl told me in class that it was "so cold" people probably couldn't get out of bed... it was about 50 degrees out. I can't imagine how crowded the beach gets when it's warm!

My seagull friend...

Me pretending to study :) (yes i did take this photo of myself...)

"Surf Craft" = surfboard. You know that people bring them on the bus?

It made me laugh that the forecast was "fine"


SP said...

Bondi Beach looks nothing like Ocean City ... how about more pics with you in them.

Anonymous said...

Let someone else take your picture Sarah...the whole up in the face thing looks funny! Your mother