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Monday, July 30

More Photos

View of Sydney from the 8th floor of the International HouseDefinitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world... view of the bridge and Opera House from the Botanical Gardens.
Downtown Sydney

Bats in the trees at the Botanical Gardens- they were about 8 inches big!

Saeed (from Iran), Lindsay (from UT Austin), Kerry (from Tulane), me, Heidi (from Germany)

We loved this tree!
Saeed, me and Kerry at the Landsdowne. It's right down the street from the International House so we spend more time there than I care to admit :)
Winery in Hunter Valley
Off whale watching!

It was freezing and we only saw the top of a sleeping whale... but it was beautiful!
The sun is bright even in winter Downtown Sydney
Darling Harbour Flag on top of Parliament in Canberra
View of Canberra from Parliament

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Cool Tree - Carol S.