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Tuesday, July 17

Orientation and My New Phone

We had orientation the last two days. It was pretty boring and not very useful because I had read all the info packets before I got here. I wasn't going to get a phone while I'm here but I decided I would have more friends if they could actually call me. So I went and got a pre-paid phone this morning. I think it's so cute! It has an FM radio if I want AND it tells you what suburb you're in! Amazing. Maybe this is all the rage in the US but my phone doesn't tell me-- it lets you know if you are at Sydney Uni, Darlington, etc. Now I won't get los and I can make plans without smoke signals :)

My roomate moved in today. Apparently she was here all weekend but they put here in a different room. Not really sure why! She is from the Phillipines- just graduated from high school and is studying law and commerce. I'm really excited about meeting all these new people. Last night we hung out at a pub with a bunch of Brits- it was quite amusing as they acted out all the different British accents. Tonight we are finally going to Harry Potter so I'm very excited- hopefully it won't be sold out! Tomorrow we actually don't have anything going on. Thursday & Friday I'm going to Canberra (the capital) and this weekend I'm going whale watching!!!


Trying... said...

You have 6 months to memorize all the British accents and come home with one that you like ;-)

Anonymous said...

only you would be so excited to see "harry potter" on another continent.

Ballet Austin said...

I can't see Harry Potter till I go back to OK because I got Megan to go with me when I get up there! Tell me if you like it!!!