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Sunday, July 15

Was that 5 or 10 kilometres?

Yesterday I had a bad run in with the metric system! Well, I can't blame it on the metric system- it was just my poor map reading skills. I convinced a group to walk to Bondi beach. Looking at the map, I thought oh it's only about 4 miles. It'll take us about an hour but it will be fun! Well, 2 hours later we were in the middle of the most amazing park watching wild parrots flying around! But were still 3 miles away from the beach!! Apparently it was really a total of 10km (6.2 miles)-- and I learned that walking 6.2 miles is much different than running them. It's also more difficult when you have 5 other people with you. So we enjoyed the part and got some food at a local store and took the train back. Which took only 5 minutes. We walked for 2.5 hours when we could have been there in a few minutes! So I still haven't made it to the beach, but hopefully that will be an adventure later this week.

Last night I took a nap before we were all we out- I went to sleep at 7:30 and didn't wake up until midnight! oops! I thought everyone went out without me, but I found out this morning that everyone fell asleep. Maybe there will be more partying tonight... we do have all semester so I'm not too worried about exploring the nightlife :)

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