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Thursday, July 26

Two Weeks...

I cannot believe I have already been here two weeks! Time is just flying by. I had my first 3 classes this week- still have one more new one tonight. I'm taking Advanced Spanish, Macroeconomics, Trade & Development, and Economentrics. I'm a little surprised because I thought the classes would be very challenging, but it seems like a repeat of what I did last semester. Trade & Development is a lot like the political economy class last semester, and Macroeconomics is a lot like Int'l finance. I'm sure though with the internship and having fun that I will have plenty to keep me busy :) We went out again last night- my whole "I'm going to bed at 10 pm" plan definitely didn't work but I had a lot of fun so it was worth it. Today I have Spanish and then I'm going to attempt to take the bus on my own, and I'm going to meet Bob DiMattia (from NGC) and his wife for lunch! Tonight I have econometrics from 6-9 pm.


SP said...

This posting only reminds me what an adorable nerd you are when you're at school

Anonymous said...

Me alegra que no te olvides del espanol! :o)

Un abrazo,

Ballet Austin said...

6-9! Gross, Sarah! Well, I am glad that you are enjoying all your crazy classes :)