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Saturday, July 14

Clubbing, Sydney style

Last night we hit the town... I'm so disappointed! I guess people don't go out until very, very late here so not many people were in the clubs even by midnight. There were a ton of people in the streets, just not inside. So we are trying it out again tonight. Also very interesting, they have heat lamps inside the clubs! I guess they don't use central heating anywhere here. I have noticed in the Int'l House they have radiators on the ceilings. Pictures will be posted shortly :)

There is a big alumni weekend going on at the house so I got to meet more people yesterday. We are going to explore the city today so that should be fun....

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Anonymous said...

Hola Sarah,

I'm having fun reading about your "adventures down-under" haha. Regarding heating in the Winter time, I just say to you ... welcome to the real world my friend, that's life for most of the people on this Earth :o) You're missed also.