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Saturday, August 4


Some interesting items I have noticed:
- Mascara costs AUD$18 at Kmart ($15.5 US dollars)
- At bars, they put straws in bottles of Smirnoff Ice
- A normal size bottle of Jose Cuervo costs AUD$45 ($38.5 US dollars), but you can find a good bottle of wine for AUD$4 ($3.4 US dollars)
- It feels like there isn't as much pollution. This statement is not so scientifically based on the smell of bus exhaust (really not that bad here) and the cleanliness of my hair (so soft!)
- Americans love Australians. Not all Australians love Americans. This is evidenced by the number of stories I have heard about actual fights (one Canadian was hit because someone thought he was American) or near fights I have seen (A guy started yelling "Yankee" at our friend walking down the street and a fight was only avoided by getting in a cab)


Lilian said...

Hola Sarah!

Mascara is that expensive?!! Amazing. No wonder the wife of our VP for Australia, [in your former co.] everytime she visited the US wouldn't stop shopping the entire time :o)

I love the fact you noticed and described differences.

Anonymous said...

and i was complaining about having to spend $4 on concealer when i dropped mine in the toilet... you really are roughing it :) did i mention i still haven't bought any and it's been two weeks? people at work keep asking me if i'm tired *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I think Iowa is fact I can guarantee it. Mom