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Wednesday, August 29

Study, study, study

I haven't done any posts for the last week because I've just been studying! I knew the party would end at some point. I have an exam tonight, papers tomorrow, presentations and exams next week. Fun, fun :) This Friday we are going to visit this Lebanese town somewhere in the suburbs of Sydney. Kerry also has a bunch of friends coming to visit from Brisbane. I'm pretty excited that now I have wireless so I can lock myself up in the library during the day but still have fun at night :) I will post more pictures soon, especially ones of me making some awesome tacos this past weekend. Everyone was very happy to have a home cooked meal.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Your old friend from NG. Great pics. The blue mountains, kool. I see you are making the most of your experience. Good for you. Just checking on you!

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