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Monday, August 13

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was so much fun- I'm in such a better mood. I think I was a lot more homesick than I realized. I think just missing friends more than anything else. But I finally have found good food and am getting to know some good friends so I'm feeling much better about things.

Friday night we went out to a Malaysian restaurant at Darling Harbour for this guy's birthday (he just turned a whopping 21) and then we went out dancing at Pontoon and Sidebar. Kerry and I love dancing together so that was a lot of fun.

Saturday we went to Paddy's market. I'm not sure what I was expecting- I think more of a flea market environment, but it was basically just Australian clothing & souvenirs, wigs, leggings and lingerie. I kid you not, we are in this big open warehouse, and I think there were at least 5 lingerie stalls, 3 wig stalls and 2 legging stalls. It was hilarious.

Sunday was the Blue Mountains! I just loved it out there. We got lucky and had some beautiful weather- probably about 75 degrees and sunny. We left Sydney CBD (central business district) around 8 am and first drove through the Sydney Olympic Park. There's not much there now although they use it regularly for sporting events. I can just imagine how awesome it was when the Olympics were here. Then we went to two different lookouts at the Blue Mountains. We stopped at had lunch at this really cute village, Leura. Then we hiked for about 45 minutes down the valley to see the Three Sisters, and then we took this really scary, almost vertical train ride back up to the top. For the rest of the afternoon, we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park where we got to touch and feed kangaroos, koalas and wombats.

When we got back to IH, to top off the night, we watched "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", which was absolutely hilarious. Overall, it was a really fun weekend! Oi mate! (not sure I'm using that in the right context yet but I'm getting there...) Now it's back to school work :)

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Trying... said...

OMG, I want you to bring a kangaroo back in your suitcase!! sooo WICKED cute ;-)